Too Many Tools/Alerts

No Meaningful Resolution

No Visibility into

Team Performances

Manual Workflows are

Time Consuming and Error Prone

ShiftRight Solution

ShiftRight is automating the Accountability-Responsibility management for security teams. ShiftRight enables closed accountability loops with everyone involved in keeping your environment secure. ShiftRight uses an innovative approach called Initiatives to connect and correlate all the essential pieces to resolve any and all security tasks like Remediation, Deployment, Compliance, or Upgrades.

  • Workflow Automation: ShiftRight easily integrates with your existing toolset to automate and simplify communication between teams. We enable automated closed-loop communications using reporting and ticketing systems so that your teams can measure, understand, and improve the security posture of the company.

  • Foster collaboration between security and business stakeholders: ShiftRight transforms security into a collaborative approach across the company. Instantaneous drill-down views and molecular-level reports of security tasks from the company level, to org, to the project and team level.

  • Real-time Visibility for Increased Security Resiliency: Real-time view of your security posture, and the progress of tasks, projects, and initiatives across the wide spectrum of security tools like Vulnerability Management, CSPM, AppSec, EDR, Pen Testing, DLP, and more.

How it Works?

1. Category and Product Agnostic

Integrate with all types of security products:
Vulnerability, AppSec, EDR, Pen Testing,

2. Targeted Initiatives

Create focused Initiatives for security:
Remediation, Deployment, Compliance,
Coverage, Upgrades

3. Accountability

Create focused Initiatives for security:
Remediation, Deployment, Compliance,
Coverage, Upgrades

4. Team Performance

Track performance of
teams/owners for initiatives
assigned to them

5. Automated Team Workflows

Create reports and tickets for every
team/owner automatically

6. Closed Loop

Ensure tasks are completed by
teams through a two-way sync and
escalation process

ShiftRight Use Cases


Log4J, Open Buckets, DLP

Security Data Collection

Survey for Backup/DR

Policy Compliance

Assets are Tagged


OS are upgraded


EDR, Vulnerability tools are deployed

Asset Tracking

Track Kubernetes Clusters

  • Automated task assignment per team/user.
  • Automatically Measure and Report per team performance of initiatives.
  • Automatically Create and Update tickets per team in their respective systems.
  • Auto Alert or escalate if tickets closed without resolution.
  • Share security posture information with peers and management.


Funded by key Angel’s who are luminaries in Silicon Valley

Pradeep Sindhu

Founder Juniper

Ankur Singla

Founder Contrail

Engineering Capital

Venture Capital

Firebolt Ventures

Venture Fund

Our Management Team

People who know how to build a cybersecurity unicorn

Sanjay Kalra

Founder & CEO

Murat Bog

Founder & CTO

Ashish Nigam

Head of Engineering

Atul Saraf

Head of India Operations


Leading experts in Cyber Security

Pradeep Aswani

Security Investor

David Levin


Ralph Pyne

CISO NextRoll

Gerhard Eschelbeck

Ex-CISO Google