ShiftRight empowers security leaders to make the right business decisions and establish a shared responsibility model of security with their business line counterparts.

About Company

Having been in cybersecurity for decades, we’ve watched CISOs struggle to understand whether they are investing in the right products and subscriptions to not just protect, but propel their business forward. It’s a struggle that is only getting worse, as cybersecurity buying and responsibilities are being distributed across DevOps, app, cloud, and security teams. With more people and products playing a role, it’s time to make sure that everyone and everything is held accountable. That’s why we founded ShiftRight. Our Cybersecurity Value Platform provides the business lens that CISOs need to ensure the right amount is being spent on the right tools, and the right teams are doing the right things to maximize the security, resiliency, and ROI of their cybersecurity investments.

The company is funded by some key Angel’s who are the luminaries in the valley along with Engineering Capital and Firebolt ventures.


Our Management Team

Sanjay Kalra

Founder & CEO

Murat Bog

Founder & CTO

Ashish Nigam

Head of Engineering

Atul Saraf

Head of Indian Operations - India