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What ShiftRight offers you

Excitement of embarking on the journey of an early stage startup - led by people who know how to build a cybersecurity unicorn and built by enterprising engineers like you.

Flexibility to choose where, when and how you work. We value what you deliver more than how you deliver.

Opportunity to grow and learn by solving tough technical problems, openly contributing to any and every part of the product or technology stack and working with extremely talented engineers.

What we believe in

Our Core Values

Audacious Goals

  • Build fast with reasonable assumptions
  • Measure success through customer lens
  • Learn from failures and move on

Be your own Boss

  • Be self-driven
  • Deliver with no supervision

Can do attitude

  • Believe in yourself
  • Be willing to try new ideas, pick new challenges and choose new areas of work.

We Care


Workstation Facilities

Working at home should never become suffering at home. Poor workstation facilities at home can cause health hazards and poor connectivity with the team can cause frustrations. We provide you the best laptops (Apple Macbook Pro) and cover your expenses for computer accessories (including monitor, laptop stand) and internet connectivity.

Work Together Week

At ShiftRight, everyone has the option to work remotely but we also make sure that we get together in-person for at least a week every quarter at our company-wide off-sites where we don’t just work together but also share lunches and have fun together!

Work hard but don't forget to celebrate life

We love to slog it out but we celebrate the gift of life even more! At ShiftRight, we have an unlimited vacation policy that allows you to get the rest and the relaxation you need to refresh.

We provide a generous medical coverage

We believe that only healthy individuals can make a healthy company. We provide a generous medical coverage, so you don’t have to worry about the unexpected.

Direct from the team

" We are bringing in an exciting change in security thinking. Join us to create a whole range of challenging use cases from the ground up. We are at the bleeding edge of technology in cloud, analytics, engineering and growing! "

Sandip Khanzode

Technical Architect

" We are building the advanced security analytics platform with intuitive user experience. We have adapted to elemental UX principals from start to offer a seamless experience to our users. "

Kunal Shewale

Lead Frontend Engineer

" Driving security initiatives has always been full of friction. We’re making it easy and effective with help of a great team, tech stack, and engineering practices. Come and join us to learn, excel and grow together in this endeavour! "

Neeraj Chaudhary

Director - System Testing